Parish Council

East Keswick Parish Council comprises of seven unpaid Parish Councillors elected every four years supported by one paid part time Parish Clerk. It exists to represent the interests of all residents of the geographical area which comprises the parish of East Keswick. The council levies a precept on the community charge collected by Leeds City Council which funds its activities. It meets monthly at 7.30pm on the third Tuesday in the Village Hall. All residents are welcome to observe any meeting and the first ten minutes are set aside to hear any resident who wishes to speak to the Council. Despite its small size, it has achieved Quality Council status.

The present Parish Council comprises of:

Andy Batty (Chairman), Larks Rise, Keswick Grange T 01937 574692 E

Becky Bailey 19 Allerton Drive E

Granville Davies, 9 The Grove T 01937 579190 E

Laura Haigh, The Old Mill, School Lane, East Keswick, LS17 9DA E

Gemma King, Hopewell House, School Lane, East Keswick, LS17 9DA T 01937 360094 E

Judith Pentith, Imladris, Moor Lane. T 01937 574965 E

Alison Waterfield, 49 Church Drive. T 01937 573062 E

The Clerk is June Gallant, 21 Rosecroft. T 01937 573365 E

Meeting Dates

All meetings are at 7.30pm unless otherwise denoted and are held in the Verity Room of the Village Hall

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Council Minutes

Please note that minutes are not shown here until approved by the Parish Council at a subsequent meeting, therefore the latest minutes posted will always be of the meeting before the most recent one.

Click here for Parish Council minutes

Information available from East Keswick Parish Council under the model publication scheme

Details of councillors and officers with phone numbers and email addresses are available on this website. The information in hard copy is available form the Parish Clerk at 25p per sheet.

Details of our budget for current and previous financial years are similarly available at 25p per sheet.

The annual report is published and made available at Parish Assemblies free of charge. Copies are also available later at 25p each.

Copies of grants given and received, contracts awarded and their value, borrowing approval letters, timetables of meetings, complaints procedures, disclosure log, register of members interests are available for inspection upon 7 days notice to the Parish Clerk or in hard copy form at 25p per sheet.

Agendas are published on parish notice boards. Hard copies at 25p per sheet from the Parish Clerk.

Minutes are available from this website, published on notice boards and available in hard copy at 25p per sheet.

Annual Return

To view East Keswick Parish Council's Annual Return click here. To see a full copy of the accounts please contact