Neighbourhood Plan

East Keswick is working hard to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which will outline the type of village we would all like to see it become over the next few decades. It concerns the whole of the area within the Parish boundaries from the homes on edge of Collingham to the border with Harewood, from the River Wharfe to Keswick Beck. The concept for Neighbourhood Plans was laid out in The Localism Act 2011. This empowers a local properly constituted community body - in our case the East Keswick Parish Council - to engage the community in how it would like to see the village evolve, and then to put the plan to a referendum. Should that be endorsed by the majority voting it then has legal weight in affecting future planning decisions.

A busy steering group has been hard at work. Our public exhibition and consultation held over two days at East Keswick Village Hall in Autumn 2013 produced a great deal of interest and the valuable contributions from hundreds of villagers who attended. Since then, an external consultant has been helping us shape the findings into a draft plan. We've held a number of other public consultations and a summary draft plan was delivered to every home.

You can see or download the latest version of the East Keswick Neighbourhood Plan by clicking below Neighbourhood Plan
Village Character Assessment
Local Green Spaces Assessment
East Keswick SEA-HRA Screening Report
East Keswick village design statement
Memorandum of Understanding
Housing Needs Advice

The Vision for East Keswick:

“In 2033 East Keswick will still be a clearly defined, distinct community with a historic rural character, a good range of high quality homes and community facilities fulfilling local needs. It will maintain and enhance local services, with a network of safe pedestrian routes, and support for a variety of locally based employment opportunities. It will be a parish which will continue to improve and extend the protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity and ensure the green space in and around the parish will be conserved.”


The policies within the Plan ensure delivery of this Vision by achieving its objectives and have been substantiated by evidence. They have to broadly conform to national and local policies. You are being asked to comment on these policies by clicking here or in writing to The Parish Clerk, 21 Rosecroft, East Keswick

After several years of sustained hard work, the Neighbourhood Plan is out for pre-submission consultation which runs from 1st June 2019 to 13th August 2019 Residents and other stakeholders are invited to submit comment on the draft Plan.


After this period, all comments will be taken into consideration by a small steering group consisting of parish councillors and some of the volunteers who have put the Plan together and amendments will be made, if appropriate.

The Parish Council will then formally submit the draft plan to Leeds City Council who will appoint an Inspector. After a couple of months or so he will let us have his recommendations. After any amendments have been made, preparations will be made to hold a referendum by residents of the Parish. If the majority of voters support the Neighbourhood Plan, then it becomes ‘made’ i.e. formally adopted as a part of the Development Plan for Leeds and will be used to inform planning decisions within the Parish.

If you wish to get in touch with the group you can email with your thoughts.