Dark villages deter crime – govt survey

Thieves are deterred by darkness according to a new government funded survey by the National Institute of Health Research. The NIHR found thefts from cars were halved in areas without street lighting. Dr Phil Edwards who led the research said “it is possible that offenders consider the costs of commiting a crime, such as using a torch that can raise suspicion outweighs the benefits. Would be offenders may find it challenging to see if there are any valuable goods left unsecured in vehicles so offenders may choose to move elsewhere to fulfil their intentions”
East Keswick has traditionally been a ‘dark village’ without street lighting. Supporters of the concept also mention that the night sky is more visible and enjoyable without street lights. Residents are encouraged to replace external lighting with PIR security lighting or set external lights to turn off at a suitable time so as to reduce costs, carbon footprint and the risk of annoying neighbours.