Sports Association to hand over to Parish Council

East Keswick Sports Association has a long and distinguished history supporting sport in the village and running the ground at the top of Moor Lane.

The trustees of the association are stepping down at the end of the summer season and their constitution states that in such an event the land and all the assets of the association will pass into the ownership of the Parish Council. Chairman of the Parish Council Andrew Batty said ‘we’d like to place on record our appreciation of all the hard work Harry Moores, James Phillips, Stuart Dawson and Richard Clarke have put in.

East Keswick Parish Council is determined that the ground will continue to be used for the enjoyment of sport in line with the aspirations of all those who gave their time and effort in support of the Sports Association over the past decades.

In the short term, the ground will continue to welcome the cricket and football teams who have used the facility in the past. Longer term, the Parish Council is interested to explore improving the ground and potentially replacing the pavilion and extending the use of the ground to other sports, private and community events.’

Over to you. How would you like to see the sports ground used? Maybe you’d be interested in being a patron, sponsor, committee member or supporter. Nothing will change until October 1st but we’d be interested in any comments. Please feel free to share them on here or email