Lockdown restrictions eased – Tennis Club reopens

Lockdown restrictions are eased and unlimited time out of the home for exercise and relaxation are permitted.

Car parks have been reopened at Leeds City Council parks such as Roundhay for example, and you’re now able to drive any distance in England to begin your walk. So for example, you could drive to Roundhay and sunbathe on the grass should you wish provided social distancing rules continue to be observed.

Golf courses may reopen provided players are from the same household.

East Keswick Tennis Club is able to reopen from today to single household family groups for both singles and doubles or singles by players from different households – one group at a time. There are rules about not touching the nets and using sanitisers etc. Further details from Peter.f.lord@btinternet.com

The household waste tip at Seacroft is now open again but by appointment only. Please book through the Leeds City Council website.

Although lockdown restrictions are eased the sensible advice is still to stay home as much as possible, stay alert, shop infrequently and use home deliveries where possible. The village butcher is well stocked for food and that extends beyond meat to pasta bread milk eggs etc and the Duke is offering takeaways all weekend. See separate posts on the village Facebook page. To access this just click the f logo top right