Do you have empty shoeboxes to give?

Two years ago a remarkable East Keswick villager called Megan Reid started the Recovery Shoe Box project. Its intention was to help those in difficulty from mental health by sending them a free shoe box ‘recovery kit’ which was bespoke and special to them. Megan did this despite suffering from mental health issues herself.
Each shoebox is a personal box full of sensory items and help as a distraction to dark thoughts or self harming and to help stop conditions developing. It was something that Megan had personally benefited from and something she was passionate about others doing the same.
She put both her own time and money into the boxes and would send them out to anyone who said they wanted one. She was a paediatric student nurse, founder of the recovery shoebox project and also strived to change mental health services.

Sadly last year Megan took her own life. She was 26.

Mum Joanne said “I never realised how many people Megan had helped until all my condolence messages came through. One message read Megan was ‘like a shining lighthouse to all those lost at sea and needing guidance.’ She dedicated so much time to others. She showed people it was ok to not be ok.”

Today her parents Simon and Joanne continue her work. Nearly two and half thousand boxes have gone out. They normally get empty shoeboxes donated by kind local retailers but the present crisis has meant supplies have dried up. If you have spare shoeboxes you can donate then Simon and Joanne would be grateful for any at 6 Brooklands.

You can find out more about this amazing East Keswick resident at.