Coronavirus crisis – Update for East Keswick 30 March

Throughout this crisis, the Parish Council Facebook page is a valuable resource as it’s a public forum, which means any villager who has asked online to join and been accepted can then post information directly and many have done. You can access the Facebook page by clicking here

What can you do and not do?

The government restrictions currently in force ask that you remain at home as much as possible. You can leave home to travel to and from work but should work from home if at all possible. You can go shopping for food or medicine but do so as infrequently as possible and use home deliveries if you can. You can leave your home to go for a walk or exercise for around an hour once a day but respect social distancing. Should you experience the symptoms of the virus (a fever-like temperature and a persistent cough) you should self isolate for seven days, anyone else in your home should do so for fourteen days. Access the NHS helpline online here

Bus services

Buses will run to a Sunday timetable until further notice. On weekdays services will begin earlier to enable those who use bus services on weekday early mornings to do so.

Brown bins, litter bins and rubbish tips

Brown bins will not be emptied until further notice, nor will litter bins be emptied. Leeds city Council tips including Seacroft and Thorpe arch are closed.

Takeaway meals

The Duke of Wellington is selling takeaway meals on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday roast dinners. Phone to book your slot 01937 574647

Village butchers is much more than meat

You’ll find the village butcher to be a valuable resource. Apart from meat, you can buy pies, pasties, bread, pasta, ready meals, mil, eggs and much more. Home delivery service too! 0113 266 2015 Richard: 07767 842705

Post office 

The Post Office in the Village Hall is closed until further notice.

Library book exchange

Libraries are closed but the village book exchange – in the old phone box by the white railings – remains open. The rule is leave a book when you take a book.

Neighbourhood Plan

You can use these weeks to let us know your opinion on the village Neighbourhood Plan which a sub group of the Parish Council have been labouring over for six years. The final draft is on this website as is an online questionnaire. It will take you only twenty seconds or so to complete and will help us then submit it for final inspection before a later referendum. Owing to the present coronavirus crisis the consultation period is extended until June.

Millenium Book

If you’d like to read up on the history of our great village then the East Keswick Millennium Book (published 2002) is a great read and it’s a free read on this website. Read our thousand year history. We got through many wars and problems and will get through this too.

Get bread and veg delivered to you
The Oven Door is linking up with Johnson’s Greengrocers during this time of uncertainty to offer home delivery for all your Fruit, Veg, Bread, Savoury and Confectionery needs. We can do Eggs and Milk too. Please call Johnson’s on 01937582070 or the Oven Door on 01937584839

Seek help with shopping or medicines
The East Keswick Voluntary Care Group takes people to the doctor or optician, collects prescriptions, pops in to see people, and provides transport to the Senior Citizens Club in next village. The group is willing to help all age groups. If you have a need please call Susan Priestley on 01937 572227 or Fiona Siekierkowski on 572836.

Volunteer to help would welcome any volunteer help.

Help needed?

If you need support with anything, just let any Parish Councillor know and we’ll do our best to help.