Neighbourhood Plan consultation now live

If you click on the ‘neighbourhood plan’ tab on the left of the home page, it will take you to the dedicated neighbourhood plan page where you can read and download the documentation. The key documents are the top two, which are the Draft Plan (recently revised and latest version) and the Character Assessment.

We’d then really appreciate your thoughts. There is a Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire on this website. You can find it by clicking on that tab, it’s the bottom one on the left. It should only take you twenty seconds or so to complete and your votes will help us validate the draft plan and then move it towards the final inspection  and ultimately a referendum in a few months time.

If the majority of people who vote in that referendum agree with the Neighbourhood Plan then it gets legal weight and the future of the village gets shaped in accordance with your wishes and not just the wishes of developers and planners.

Please complete the questionnaire.