In East Keswick, what can you do in the Corona crisis?

This has been updated in view of new government restictions on movement effective Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Please stay at home as much as possible. You can leave your home to go shopping for food or medicine but if home deliveries are possible then please use. You can go for a walk or exercise once a day and in groups of two or less. You can travel to and from work but work from home if you can.

These are challenging times but a community as proactive and resourceful as East Keswick villagers will get through it. Here are some ways how…

Keep in touch on social media
Just because we’re avoiding social contact it doesn’t mean we cant keep spirits up on social media. The village has a Facebook page. To find it, click here . If you’ve not joined, just ask to join. You will be approved within hours. Then you can post messages when you wish and take part in online conversations.

Print off Viral Kindness forms
You might like to print off these forms and post through neighbours’ doors? They read ‘hello, if you are self-isolating, I can help. My contact details are… and I can help with picking up shopping/posting mail/a friendly phone chat/urgent supplies. You’ll find the form if you click here

Create a WhatsApp group for your street
It’s simple to make and you can keep in touch with your neighbours.

Try not to worry
A runny nose or sore throat doesn’t mean you’ve contracted the virus. The symptoms are a persistent dry cough (non-mucus producing) and a high feverish temperature. You will know if you’ve such a temperature. If that happens to you or anyone in your home, then the whole household should self-isolate for fourteen days. Villagers over 70 or with an underlying health condition are recommended to self-isolate anyway.

Nominate a street champion
The Parish Council would like to hear from one person in each street who they can contact if needed. Just let us know at

Go for a walk
We’re surrounded by excellent walks and that’s a healthy pastime too. The village information boards on Main Street and Crabtree Lane suggest a pleasant circular walk in the village or plan your own taking in Keswick Marsh. Most will be familiar with the longer circular walk known as the pig farm route.

Go to the library
Many libraries are closed but not the East Keswick Book Exchange housed in the former telephone kiosk near the white railings. The rule is leave a book when you take a book.

Go for a takeaway
The Duke of Wellington is doing a choice of takeaway meals. Contact Karen & Chris 01937 574647

Stroll to the butchers or get your meat delivered!
Who needs supermarkets when our own butcher has a superb choice of fresh meat, pies, eggs and other items? Home delivery service too! 0113 266 2015 Richard: 07767 842705

Get bread and veg delivered to you
The Oven Door is linking up with Johnson’s Greengrocers during this time of uncertainty to offer home delivery for all your Fruit, Veg, Bread, Savoury and Confectionery needs. We can do Eggs and Milk too. Please call Johnson’s on 01937582070 or the Oven Door on 01937584839

Seek help with shopping or medicines
The East Keswick Voluntary Care Group takes people to the doctor or optician, collects prescriptions, pops in to see people, and provides transport to the Senior Citizens Club in next village. The group is willing to help all age groups. If you have a need please call Susan Priestley on 01937 572227 or Fiona Siekierkowski on 572836.

Volunteer to help would welcome any volunteer help.

Read the history of the village
It’s fascinating and it’s a free download on this website. Read the thousand-year history of East Keswick published in 2002 to mark the millennium. This village has survived plagues, civil wars and world wars. We’ll get through this inconvenience too.