Village Hall seeks new trustees

The Village Hall – a charity completely independent of the Parish Council – had announced that it’s seeking the involvement of new trustees. The Village Hall costs around £40k a year to run and the present team have successfully attracted a steady stream of summer weddings plus commercial lettings to fund vital repairs and improvements.  In a statement on its website it says ‘Now the time has come to hand over management of the hall to a new team and it is the intention of all current Trustees to review their position before the AGM in March 2020. That doesn’t mean we will all immediately cease to be involved in the hall, we’ll be happy to assist a new team and indeed it is one of our legal responsibilities as Trustees to ‘vet’ those who come forward to offer their services. The hall is a very valuable asset, both in terms of property and reserves’.

Trustees are expected to attend quarterly meetings plus the AGM and personal liability is limited to £5. The Village Hall can have between three and twelve trustees and hopes some younger residents may be interested.

To find out more information, express your interest or simply to arrange an exploratory chat please email