Warning of ‘Hanoi’ burglaries and early morning prowlers

Thieves have been targeting East Keswick and surrounding villages in so called ‘Hanoi’ burglaries, where the reason for breaking into a house is to get keys for vehicles parked on the drive. A house in South Mount was targeted Sunday night around 1am but the attempt to enter was foiled by the homeowner. The previous week a home in St Marys Garth had been entered and keys to two cars taken. Both cars had tracker devices fitted and as a result Police recovered both vehicles and arrested one suspect.

Meanwhile one villager on Moor Lane captured security footage of four men trying car doors around 4am

Villagers are advised to keep all car keys well away from ground floor doors and out of view. Do not leave any item on view inside a vehicle such as a bag or coat. Any patio doors with europrofile locks (locks which have conventional keys not ‘stronger’ flat keys) should be replaced. Any competent DIY person can change such locks to stronger ones for a modest amount and detailed instructions are on YouTube.