Road closure this weekend stopped after Parish Council objection

East Keswick Parish Council objected to a planned road closure of the southern approach to the village this weekend. Signs appeared near Brooklands and the Triangle stating the road would be closed on Saturday 19th October.

The Parish Council objected that insufficient notice had been given that the closure would cause severe problems for the village which would lose its bus services on a Saturday, impede or prevent its bin collection and adversely affect village businesses such as the pubs, butchers and beauty salon.

Leeds Highways concurred and informed the applicant – Yorkshire Water – that correct procedures had not been gone through. Yorkshire Water said the signs had gone up ‘by mistake’.

The road will still need to be closed at some stage in the future to allow a new development to connect to mains services but the Parish Council is seeking that to happen on a future day when disruption can be kept to a minimum, possibly a Sunday.