Village speed limit to stay at 30

The speed limit through the built up village in not to be reduced to 20mph. Parish councillors considered an option to cut the limit in the original 30mph zone to 20mph but decided such a move would be irrelevant without policing or speed bumps. The Parish Council had invited comments from residents which had been approximately 2:1 against.

A common view was that if drivers adhered to the current speed limit of 30mph and this was adequately advertised and policed as per other local villages, that would be sufficient.  Some commented that parked cars were a speed barrier in themselves and anyone driving with proper due care and attention is unlikely to exceed the current speed limit. Councillors took the view that the occasional car that exceeds 30 is not likely to take any more notice of a 20 limit.

Councillors have pushed for better or renewed road markings in the village and have been lobbying Leeds City Council about the Allerton Drive junction marketings for over  a year. These were promised a considerable time ago but await a contract being given.