Should the village have a 20mph limit?

The Parish Council seeks your view on speed limits in the village. Some villages are bing offered a 20mph limit in the centre. Were such a limit to operate in East Keswick it would be across the whole of the original 30mph limit before that was extended.

Some people feel 20mph limits help to reduce speeds and would have an impact in the area. Others feel that as they would not be enforced they would be irrelevant and just be an imposition on drivers currently driving at 25mph in the village while speeding motorists would be no more likely to adhere to a 20 limit than a 30 limit.

Leeds ward councillor Matthew Robinson stressed that the village didn’t have to agree to a 20 limit. Many villages – such as Scarcroft – were not having one. The Parish Council is interested in any options you may hold, for or against. You can email those to