New Parish Council announced

The Parish Council for the next four years has now been announced following the news that six candidates have been elected unopposed so no election will take place in May, the six are automatically elected.

Five of the six are the existing Parish Councillors namely Andrew Batty (current Chairman), Judith Pentith (current Vice Chairman), Becky Holdsworth, Gemma Plowright and Alison Waterfield.

The sixth is a new Councillor, Chantal Platt of Meadowcroft.

Despite the title, the Parish Council has no connection with the Church. The use of the word Parish denotes the area it is responsible for, being the Parish of East Keswick. The Parish Council consists of seven volunteers supported by one part time paid employee, the Parish Clerk June Gallant. The seven councillors are independent of any political party.

The six candidates elected unopposed means that there is still one vacancy left to fill and the new Parish Council has the authority to co-opt (or appoint) a person between elections. If any villager is interested in this role they are requested to contact the Parish Clerk or any Councillor for more information.

The Parish Council meets monthly, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at the Village Hall.