Six cars vandalised Thurs 17/1 around 8pm, do you have video of passers-by?

A number of cars have had windows broken and paint damage in an outbreak of wanton vandalism affecting cars in Laurel Close, School Lane, Paddock Green, the Paddock and Moor Lane. The police are asking any villager with CCTV to check footage for suspicious passers by around the time of the offences 7.30 to 8.30 on Thursday 17th January.

Last Autumn the neighbouring village of Bardsey saw several such incidents. When a house in East Keswick had windows smashed, the Chairman of East Keswick Parish Council asked for a meeting with the Police. This eventually took place and was also attended by the Chairman of Bardsey Parish Council and local ward councillor Matthew Robinson.

The Police said an underage youth from Bardsey had been interviewed and admitted a number of offences. Since he had been placed on a Youth Offending Programme the situation had – at that time – gone quiet.

Incidents this week may be unconnected but the Parish Council has asked the Police for information on the progress of its investigation. In the meantime villagers are asked to be vigilant, garage cars where possible,  and to pass details of any CCTV footage showing suspicious activities to