Crime spike in Bardsey and how to avoid being a victim

Neighbouring villages have seen a spike in burglaries and criminal damage. Some of it has affected East Keswick.

Several properties and vehicles in Bardsey were damaged last month and a house in Keswick Grange had windows broken. Two youths from Bardsey and one from Boston Spa were linked to several instances and are now subject to a youth offending programme.

There has been a rise in the number of burglaries in the surrounding villages, so how can you make your property less likely to be affected?

If you have upvc double glazed entrance doors or patio doors, take a look at your keys. If your keys are essentially flat, then you have more recent higher security locks on them. If the keys are the more traditional type, the locks are likely to be known as ‘euro profile’ locks which an experienced thief can ‘snap’ very easily. Replacing such locks is simple, inexpensive and requires only a screwdriver and a basic knowledge of DIY. Click here for a guide video

Car thieves are attracted to Land Rovers and German cars in particular at the moment. Keep all keys well away from entrance doors and out of sight. Get a ‘Faraday sleeve’ on your Christmas list. These simple devices can be bought online and prevent your keys being remotely ‘hacked’ by people stood outside your house. You’ll find three-packs on line for around £10. A piece of aluminium cooking foil is also believed to offer some protection.

The Police say it is surprising how many cars are left unlocked on drives. Sometimes this is unintentional as the car has been locked, the owner has gone into the house and sat down but inadvertently unlocked the car doors on the key fob in the process.

Officers also report items being taken from cars such as laptops and handbags simply being placed under the seat. Crime prevention advice is available from the Police and East Keswick and Bardsey Parish Councils are to consider a joint event in the New Year.