Every EK student and parent should read this

In 1739, Lady Elizabeth Hastings died. That we should be talking about her nearly three centuries later is testimony to a remarkable lady and her astonishing legacy.

Born in London in 1682, from a family which came to England with the Norman Conquest (hence the surname), Lady Elizabeth was a life long benefactor to educational charities, the promotion of religion and the alleviation of poverty.

She was the daughter of the seventh Earl of Huntington, lived at Ledston Hall and had a town house in Briggate, Leeds. Her £1000 gift ensured the success of the project to build Holy Trinity Church in Boar Lane which stands next to the new shopping centre named after it.

She never married, and died just over a year after an operation to remove a breast tumour without anaesthetic. That twelve month period was critical to enable a Trust to be set up using her money (she had to survive a year after it was created).

279 years later and her legacy is still helping the education of students from a small number of Yorkshire villages. East Keswick is one. If you are heading to higher education, then you may apply for a grant from the charity which administers this Trust. It is not means-tested, and you can apply directly by following this link