Allerton Drive junction improvements promised

18 Oct 17

Following representations from local residents and pressure from East Keswick Parish Council, signage improvements around the Allerton Drive/Whitegate junction are now being planned.

Allerton Drive meets the main road in a concealed entrance on a difficult bend as the main road becomes Crabtree Lane for traffic leaving the village to the north.

The Parish Council had argued that current signage is inadequate since it consists of a bend sign with a mark to show a road joining but is hard to distinguish from conventional bend signs.

Councillor Becky Holdsworth of East Keswick Parish Council met Highways Senior Engineer Nick Borras on site recently and agreed a programme of improvements. This will see the resiting of signs closer to the junction, making them more visible with yellow panels behind, adding a plate reading ‘Concealed Entrance’ and repainting ‘Slow’ on the carriageway, this time with a coloured rectangle behind.

Other changes include the white lines marking the side road being more prominent. Parish councillors were pleased with the improvements planned and it’s hoped the work will be completed in the next few months.