Ginnel to get makeover

8 Sep 17

One of the village’s best used footpaths is going to get a major makeover this autumn. The Parish Council has been successful in winning substantial grant aid to repair and improve the footpath between Church Drive and Main Street. Granville Davies had spent time building the case and lobbying groups including the Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund. Parish Council Chairman Andrew Batty made the final presentation to the panel this week.

Granville said he was delighted the hard work had borne fruit and such a popular and well used route would be improved. The Emmerdale Stakeholder Fund takes its name from the popular Yorkshire Television series for ITV1 and was created when the drama moved to a new location within the Harewood estate. ‘The panel are also interested in our desire to create a new footpath between Cleavesty Lane and Crabtree Lane which would fill a much needed gap in the EborWay’ said Granville. ‘We’ve been asked for a detailed project plan which we are now compiling’.