Millennium Book now available as a download

Nearly twenty years ago a public meeting was held to consider how the village might best mark the impending millennium. The favoured solution was to produce a book detailing the history of our Domesday Book village all the way from the year 1000 to New Years’ Eve 1999.

The book idea was suggested by Andrew Batty and very quickly a number of villagers came together as a group to help research and write the book, fundraise for it and also to plan a Millennium Gala weekend.

The project was a huge success. Initially designed to break even, it actually made a substantial five figure profit which was used for a number of other legacy projects in the village, among them the restoration of the finger signpost next to the white railings, the first large expansion of the children’s playground and seedcorn funding for the Local History Group which has been thriving ever since.

The book sold out over fifteen years ago and occasionally a copy pops up on Ebay. However, to mark twenty years since the project started, the book has now been made available to download on line free of charge. To access a copy, click the Local History tab on this website.