How a lady who lived three centuries ago can help EK students

A lady who lived between 1699 and 1739 who was a lifelong patron of charities died without heirs and left her fortune to the promotion of education, religion and the relief of poverty. 278 years later, her will is still helping people who love in certain parishes, one of them being East Keswick.

One of the most visible evidences of her bequests is in Boar Lane, Leeds. The Holy Trinity Church, next to the Trinity Centre, received a thousand pounds from her towards its building in 1721, a huge sum of money for the day. Lady Elizabeth was a fascinating lady; her family came to England in the Norman Conquest, hence the surname.

The money she left when she died in 1739 was invested by trustees, and over the centuries the trustees have invested wisely. As a result there is money available to support academic study, social and physical training for equipment and books. Young people from the village heading for university have the most chance of success and applications are now handled online. To apply, and check eligibility, go to