140 houses planned for Bardsey green belt

23 Feb 17

A contentious housing application has been put forward for the Bardsey Bank Top area which would see up to 140 houses built on green belt land owned by Bramham Park Estate. Normally such land would not be considered and the area was designated red (meaning strongly against and little chance of development) by Leeds in a recent city wide review of potential housing areas but Bramham is claiming ‘exceptional circumstances’ in that income is needed by the estate to pay for repair and maintenance of statues, monuments, outbuildings and the mansion itself. ‘Nonsense’ say critics, ‘English Heritage and others would pay for monuments in danger and the Bramham Park estate makes a big income from the annual Leedsfest concerts to the detriment of local communities including East Keswick’.

These critics include Bardsey Action Group which plans to hold a public meeting with Bardsey Parish Council. East Keswick Parish Council considered the issue at their February meeting and resolved to object to the planning application. Local ward councillors are galvanising support and urging East Keswick villagers to email planning@leeds.gov.uk and copy ward councillor Rachael.proctor@leeds.gov.uk in.

Bramham Estate believe their application has merits and will include a public open space, landscaping and a pedestrian/cycle path. Opponents point out the potential effect on public services such as doctors and schools as well as increased A58 turning traffic.

A public meeting is being held by Bardsey Action Group on Wednesday 1st March at 7pm in Bardsey Village Hall. All East Keswick residents are welcome. You can find out more about the activities of the group at www.bardseyactiongroup.co.uk The group is also inviting donations at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bardsey-greenbelt 

The deadline for comments is Friday 17th March and the planning reference number of 17/00655/OT should be included with comments. That number can also be used to find full details of the plans at www.leeds.gov.uk/publicaccess