Leeds NE Plans Panel opposes Church Drive building plan

Developers seeking to build on a plot opposite the Church Drive turning circle failed to convince Leeds North East Plans panel on December 1st which has now endorsed the original rejection of plans and will oppose the development as currently planned.

The contentious building plot was originally identified as being surplus to requirements and capable of being sold for income by Leeds City Council’s arms-length housing association. Leeds City Council gave the land outline planning permission for two detached bungalows. The land was bought by a developer – JWT Ltd – who put in a full planning application for four detached houses, which was opposed by neighbours and the Parish Council on the grounds of over-development of the site. That application was replaced by another one for three detached houses which was turned down for similar reasons. 

The developers sought to appeal this decision but Leeds North East Plans Panel meeting on December 1st were not convinced and stood by the original rejection by planners. It’s now expected that an application for two dwellings might be made.