Phone box to ‘close’ but Parish Council to save it

It’s been part of the furniture in East Keswick for generations. One of the most photographed scenes in the village has been the raised pavement on Main Street complete with white wooden railings and behind them the red telephone box and red post box.

It was inevitable that in an age where nearly every villager – including children – has a phone in their pocket that the days of a public phone box were numbered. Just nineteen calls were made from it in the past twelve months  but the two (more modern) public boxes in Bardsey scored three calls and nil respectively.

The Parish Council had sought protection for the red phone box some years ago, and now that the box is being made officially redundant it is being bought by the Parish Council for a nominal amount. The telecoms equipment will be removed. 

Councillors are considering the future use of the phone box which could become an honesty library. All ideas are welcomed to