Neighbourhood Plan ‘green spaces’ revised

The East Keswick Neighbourhood Plan, which is taking shape ahead of a probable village referendum next year, has revised its list of green spaces.

The draft plan had identified a number of green spaces in the built up area worthy of protection. The most recent consultation exercise by the group had resulted in some villages questioning why certain sites were being designated as public spaces. To ensure that the interpretation was in line with national policy the Neighbourhood Plan Group asked their independent advisor to visit all the sites in question,

As a result, a number of sites have been removed from the list as the  group were advised the locations are sufficiently protected already and any Green Space designation would be superfluous. These are the land between Allerton Drive and Crabtree Lane, the sports field on Moor Lane, Ox Close Wood, the land behind and to the south west of the Village Hall, land between Lumby Lane and Moor Lane and land south of Moor Lane adjacent to St Mary’s Garth.

The other sites remain in the list, these being the War Memorial sites on Church Drive and Whitegate, the Elliker Fields, Frank Shires Quarry and Meadow, Keswick Marsh, Carr Green play area, tennis courts and land by the neighbouring footpath and the island of the Church Drive Turning Circle.