150 new homes planned for Bardsey

Plans have been unveiled for 150 new homes to be built in Bardsey, in line of sight from some aspects of East Keswick.

The area concerned is the green fields between Bank Top and First Avenue in Bardsey. The area was designated ‘red’ or ‘amber’ in the recent Leeds City Council SHLA process which carried out a large scale examination of potential sites for new homes over the next decade. The ‘red’ and ‘amber’ designation would normally mean that the fields would be safe form development but the owners of the land – Bramham Park Estate – are not taking the plan through the SHLA process but making a formal application claiming exceptional special circumstances, in this case raising funds to renovate and restore 27 monuments on the estate.

The estate is best known for hosting the internationally acclaimed Bramham Horse Trials and the annual Leedsfest music concerts. Its plans for the development are a joint venture with Sandby Ltd and will be on view in a public exhibition it is hosting at Bardsey Village Hall on Wednesday 19th October from 2pm to 7pm. Around 150 homes are planned together with a public park area and a footpath connecting the First Avenue area to Keswick Lane.

Ward councillor Rachel Proctor has stated her opposition to the plan and East Keswick Parish Council will be considering its position on the development in its meeting on Tuesday 18th. Some villagers have expressed concern that 150 new homes will put undue pressure on local services such as schools and GPs and expressed surprise that Bramham Park Estate cannot meet the cost of repairs and restorations of heritage assets from income it makes from the music festival and horse trials.

The Bramham Estate has been leafletting the village to publicise the public exhibition on Wednesday 19th October or invited comments to ben@pilgrimpr.co.uk or 0778 995 1781