Police target on-pavement parking

Police have started to issue warning tickets to vehicles which park on pavements in the village. Many residents have complained that the narrow pavements on village main  roads become impassible for child buggies and wheelchairs when cars park on them, forcing pedestrians onto the road near dangerous bends. Recently, West Yorkshire Police have ticketed offending vehicles with a warning rather than a fine, but PC Alan Stead has warned officers will return and do the exercise more often. Any vehicle owner warned previously which is found to be re-offending is at risk of being fined.

At September’s Parish Council meeting, PC Stead also mentioned that two vehicles in the village had property stolen while being left unlocked. Opportunist thieves do visit villages like East Keswick looking for easy pickings. As darker nights return for Autumn, residents are reminded to keep sheds and garages locked, and recommended to leave a light or radio on in unoccupied homes.