Leeds planning officer recommends go-ahead for Church Drive development

A report by a Leeds City Council planning officer recommends that a controversial scheme to build three detached houses in Church Drive be given the go-ahead despite previous objections from residents and the Parish Council.
The site in question is opposite the turning circle and between two blocks of two-storey flats. The land and flats were owned by Leeds City Council’s arms-length housing association and the land was identified as a valuable asset which could be sold. It was sold to a developer with outline planning permission for two bungalows but since then applications have been submitted for four, and then three detached two-storey houses.
The Parish Council objected on various grounds including overuse of the land and loss of amenity of a green space and the scheme is now going to the Plans Panel at the Civic Hall, Rooms 6 and 7, on Thursday 2nd June at 1.30pm
The public can attend but not speak unless an application to do so before 4pm Tuesday is submitted to planspanel@leeds.gov.uk 
General comments/objections can be emailed to planning@leeds.gov.uk