Village to get behind Tour de Yorkshire event

On Saturday 30th April, the Tour de Yorkshire will pass directly through the village with participants cycling down Lumby Lane and Main Street before heading out of the village on Keswick Lane.

It’s a spectacle that will draw the crowds and the Parish Council hopes that village businesses will get behind the event. For its part, the Parish Council is to decorate the route with banners and bunting and give publicity to any organisation or business that wants to join in the celebration.

The Womens Race is likely to come through the village between 0930 and 1030 and the mens race will come through between 1410 and 1530. These timings will be tightened up as we get closer to the event and a rolling roadblock will keep roads clear around these times so villagers should plan their day with this in mind. There will be delays and potential diversions of bus services around these times. There will be parking restrictions along the route from early morning.

The event will be shown live on TV, probably on ITV4 so this is a good opportunity to show the village to a wider audience. You can find more information on the official tour website and you can also volunteer as an event guide at