Deputation to oppose free school bus fare changes

East Keswick Parish Council has formally lodged an application for a deputation of parents to put their objections to a full meeting of Leeds City Council on Wednesday 23rd March

Early last year Leeds City Council announced it was re-evaluating which families were entitled to free school bus travel. It had always been available for under 16s whose nearest school was over three miles away. The problem for our area was that Wetherby School and Boston Spa School were broadly equidistant from the village. Many parents had selected Boston Spa School as it was eligible for free school bus passes even being designated as such on a Leeds Education website. However, new rigorous interpretation of distances concerned meant some village parents were being told Boston Spa School was ineligible as Wetherby was the nearest school when the distance was analysed using a specific Dutch mapping system which the council used and which parents had no access to and which was at variance to commonly used mapping systems such as Ordnance Survey, AA or Googlemaps.

The Parish Council hosted a public meeting at the Village Hall last August attended by Leeds Council officials, ward councillor Matthew Robinson and many Bardsey parents. When no substantial progress was made, Councillor Robinson suggested a delegation would be the best way to get the matter debated.

The next available Leeds City Council meeting able to receive a delegation is March and East Keswick Parish Council have registered a place. A statment has been prepared and some parents have already come forward to be part of the delegation. If you’re a parent and would be interested in taking part please email