Beer festival axed

The annual East Keswick Beer Festival is no more, the Village Hall Committee has announced. Organiser David Wort commented ‘We were one of the first villages to run its own beer festival and for many years it proved very successful. There are, however, many similar events around now and it’s difficult to ensure we get the sort of numbers needed to make it worth our while to stage. Numbers were rather disappointing this year although we still made a decent profit of over a thousand pounds. It’s a labour intensive event and we have all agreed its time to channel our ideas and energy into a new event’.

This October’s beer festival was the eleventh and last. From 2005 it was an annual fixture in the village calendar. Previous mentions of the event on this website have reported how for many years it attracted over four hundred people through the door and made a profit for the Village Hall in excess of three thousand pounds. Since those days, nearly every village hosts a beer festival including neighbouring Bardsey who hold theirs each March.