Parish Council election for May

Parish Council elections will take place this May on the same date as the 2015 General Election.

Two of the seven person existing Parish Council have stated that wish to stand down. Councillor Roy Gibbs has given many years service to the Parish Council and his expertise on planning matters has been especially sought-after. Roy has recently moved out of the village and this is the reason for him standing down.

Ex- Chairman John Priestley is standing down too after many years service.

A number of villagers have expressed an interest in joining the Parish Council and anyone requiring details of the process is recommended to get in touch with the Parish Clerk who can advise on paperwork and deadlines.

If there are more candidates than the seven places then an election will be held. If no more candidates come forward than places available then the seven candidates are automatically elected.

The Parish Council system of government dates from 1894. Councillors are unpaid, meet monthly and in the case of East Keswick are not affiliated to any political party.