Playground group hits £31k target

East Keswick Playground Group has reached its goal of raising over thirty thousand pounds to pay for improved playground facilities in the village. The village play area at Carr Green was last improved twelve years ago using some of the proceeds of the East Keswick Millennium Book. Two years ago, the Playground Group was formed with the aim of extending the play facilities there and adding new equipment which would extend the age range catered for to the under elevens.

Undaunted by the costs of new equipment, the group set out on a programme of fund raising through events, sponsorship and appeals to charities and local businesses. One successful event was a Ceilidh Night, which is die to be repeated on Saturday 28th March. It will feature dancing to The Stray Chords and a fish and chip supper.

The playground project has been carried out with the support of the Parish Council which own the existing facilities and which will take over ownership and management of the new equipment when installed. The group hope that work commissioning and installing new equipment and landscaping will get underway shortly. The playground will close during the reconstruction period but it is hoped to have the new extended play facilities in use this Spring. Full details will appear on this website as they become available.