Village Hall reduces rates for locals

1 Dec

The Village Hall Management Committee has announced lower rates for local residents as a result of increased lettings which have enabled it to balance its books. There will now be a 25% reduction on hire charges for villagers and a 50% reduction in the off peak months of November to March. In addition, weekends reserved for weddings during the peak season that are not booked four months prior to the date will be released to local residents at 25% discount.

The rates have been made possible by ‘a combination of a new realistic income for the former snooker room and higher demand for hall facilities’. Commenting on the new financial position, East Keswick Village Hall Chairman Peter Guilford said ‘In previous years, the Village Hall has always recorded an annual deficit and only the energetic fundraising efforts of the Committee have saved this invaluable village amenity from closure.The hall is first and foremost a versatile and multipurpose amenity for the local community and we are always trying to enhance the service it offers, for example with a Post Office opening’ (see separate news item). 

Peter stressed that the future of the village hall lies with the community and in particular the next generation: ‘We need young people with exciting new ideas to ensure our village hall not only remains at the centre of the community but also evolves to meet challenging requirements’

Future plans made possible by the Village Hall’s stronger financial situation include new toilets and cloakrooms and extensive landscaping at the rear of the Village Hall.

Other pricing policy changes announced today include simplified hire rates based on ‘sessions’ of up to 3hrs to include setting up; no increase next year in hire charges for local user groups and in some cases a reduction; commercial organisations to face only a 2% increase to cover inflation; charity fundraising might be exempt from hire charges in return for a profit share; a discretionary grace period and reduced rates for local businesses and new non-profit making user groups starting up; hourly hire rates still on offer and expert advice given to local charities fund-raising for local events.

Further information is available on the Village Hall website or by phoning the Hall Manager, Nicola Hulme on 07914 007267