Village defibrillator now in use

21 Aug

If you glance at the School Lane wall of Pure Indulgence near its door you will see a new addition to the village which may well prove to be a lifesaver. For the Parish Council has installed a defibrillator in a scheme developed by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

So what is a defibrillator and when and how might you use one?

The device is known as an AED or Automated External Defibrillator and is available 24hours to help save the life of anyone suffering a cardiac arrest. Without immediate defibrillation the chances of survival of a cardiac arrest can be below 5%. When a defibrillator is used together with effective CPR survival chances boost to 50%

Some will only be familar with debrillators from television medical dramas but the AED available in the village is very easy to use. Here’s how.

In the case of a medical emergency phone 999. Only if the ambulance operator advises you do you need to use the device. In such a case you will be given a code to enter on the cabinet in School Lane. When you gain access you can then remove the defibrillator and take it to the patient. The defibrillator is designed for anyone to use without previous training. It will give audible voice instructions and will not proceed to the next stage until the previous stage has been carried out successfully.

It detects the regular or irregular heart rythym of the patient and whether it’s being used on an adult or child heart. It will not issue a shock to a healthy heart. The 999 service will have despatched paramaedics to be with the patient as fast as possible too, but those first few minutes can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Similar AEDs are being installed in public locations in all neighbouring villages and eventually across the country. Yorkshire Ambulance Service will be providing some demonstrations at some village events in the next few months. Watch this website for announcements.

East Keswick Parish Council acknowledges the kind support of Pure Indulgence in offering their wall as a prime central village 24hr location for the device.