Village gets date for Superfast Broadband

East Keswick is planned to be connected to Superfast Broadband by March 2015 we can reveal. Superfast West Yorkshire has confirmed that the Collingham Bridge exchange is to upgraded in phase two of the programme in December this year, but East Keswick has to come after that due to a lengthier planning process and this is envisaged by the end of March 2015.

The scheme will use a Fibre to Cabinet scheme or FTC. At the moment, broadband speeds suffer because old telephone lines have to carry the signal the three miles from Collingham exchange. Under the new FTC scheme, fibre cables will take the signal from Collingham to local cabinets in the village and only the relatively short distance from there to your home will use conventional phone cables.

East Keswick Parish Council has lobbied hard for better broadband and the subject was named as a priority concern in the public consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan