Collingham surgery announces lower cost 01937 number

Church View Surgery in Collingham has announced an 01937 number to run alongside its 0844 number following pressure from the Department of Heath. In 2011 the DoH issued guidelines that all GP surgeries ‘must be satisfied that…all persons will not pay more to make relevant calls to the practice than they would to make equivalent calls to a geographical number’. GPs were given a year to review their practices.

Church View Surgery had installed a new telephone system in 2005 and had only offered an 0844 number, which is non-geographic, as opposed to the local 01937 code.

Initially these cost the same amount to access as local codes using a landline but cost substantially more from a mobile. Those landline callers using a plan such as BT Unlimited Anytime (the most popular UK landline phone plan) would also be substantially out of pocket. 0844 numbers provide an income stream for organisations signed up to them.

Now Collingham surgery has announced the reintroduction of an 01937 number alongside the 0844 number. It is 01937 222841