SHLAA allocations – what they’re about and how to comment

Villagers may have heard reference to SHLAA allocations and been confused by the term and by a letter sent to every home by (Leeds) ward councillors.

The SHLAA process was a county wide initiative aimed at indentifying suitable land for future building. It did not indentify any such land in East Keswick, the nearest land mentioned being the former Catholic Chapel site on Keswick Lane, Bardsey and a greenfield site just across the East Keswick/Collingham boundary at Harewood Road, Collingham.

Villagers can find out full details of where housing is proposed at

The opportunity to give a response to the scheme ends at 5pm Monday 29 July. Paper copies to make comments through can be found at West End Stores, Moor Lane and Sedgefield the Butchers on Main Street.