Harewood Road targetted for new housing

Updated 3 July 2013

Green fields on Harewood Road, close the the boundary with Collingham, are at potential future risk of housing development.

In a recent county wide survey of land which might be used for residential development, the last field on right as one enters Collingham (and within Collingham parish boundary) has been designated ‘amber’ by Leeds City Council. The owners of the land – Lady Elizabeth Hastings Trust – has instructed property agents Carter Jonas to promote its development potential. Carter Jonas has contacted the owners of the next two fields (towards East Keswick and within East Keswick borders) and claims their support in putting forward a much larger housing development. These fields are owned by other Collingham residents.

East Keswick Parish Council will represent the interests of those of its residents concerned, who live in the area close the the Collingham boundary. EKPC has delivered a leaflet to every home seeking views of all concerned. Its results will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting and findings will be placed on this website.

Collingham Neighbourhood Plan Group held an open day on June 29/30 which covered this potential development.

Collingham extended its 30mph zone up Harewood Road two years ago and Carter Jonas have seized upon this point in their publicity at the Collingham Neighbourhood Plan event citing the fact that the planned development would open onto 30mph zones (now) within the village.