East Keswick to escape unscathed in SHLAA housing allocation

Leeds City Council’s Development Panel is recommending no neccessity for East Keswick to absorb new housing in the site allocation process which has been concerning regions all over the county for the past year. The Outer North East Leeds Housing Characteristic Area had to identify areas to accommodate 5000 new homes. The panel’s recommendations, to go before the Executive Board on May 9th, do not specify that any of these should be within the East Keswick parish boundary.

The nearest developments approved are at Keswick Lane on the site of the redundant Catholic Church and a site at ‘amber’ level in Harewood Road at Collingham which is inside the village’s extended 30mph zone.

East Keswick will remain the village it is. Many villages are working on Neighbourhood Plans to shape the future of their area for the next few decades and the majority of thse have ben preoccupied with the housing issue. East Keswick has a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hard at work but doesnt have to worry about the threat or impact of large scale additional developments.