Parish Assembly discusses how to kick up a stink

East Keswick’s annual Parish Assembly took place on Tuesday 16th April and amongst interesting topics discussed or raised by villagers on the night were how to object to smells from commercial composting, new playground ideas for the village, Neighbourhood Plan progress and a Village Verge and Hedgerow walk planned for next month.

Villagers listened as John Priestley, Chairman of the Parish Council explained the work of the Parish Council over the past year. He paid tribute to the hard work done by the seven volunteer councillors which often extends to work between meetings as well as monthly council meetings. He publicly thanked Jake Fowler who was a member of the council but had to stand down during the year through pressure of work commitments.

Councillor Andrew Batty, Chairman of the East Keswick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee explained the progress the group had made and plans for a village event taking place on Sunday 22nd September (details of this are elsewhere on this website and activity of the group can be followed and contributed to by following the Neighbourhood Plan tab on the home page).

Melanie Smith issued an open invitation to villagers to attend a Community Verge Walk to see nature’s activity on these important verges. Meet at the Post Office at 2pm Saturday 18th May if you’d like to take part.

Four alternative proposals to improve the children’s playground at Carr Green were shown by delegates from the East Keswick Playground Project. They need to raise around £4000 to get access to grant monies which will develop the playground and extend its appeal from toddlers to under 12s. If you would like to contribute then cheques should be made payable to East Keswick Playground Project and sent to Corrine Dicker at 53 Church Drive, East Keswick LS17 9ER or you can email her at

Foul smells coming from a commercial composting facility at Harewood were discussed. East Keswick Parish Council is resolutely opposed to the present facility and any moves to expand them. Villagers asked how they could object when the smells seemed bad and Councillor Andrew Batty suggested putting the email address of the person to object to on this website, so here it is: should you feel the smells are objectionable on any specific day email Beverley is the Environmental Officer concerned with this issue. The Environment Agency contact number is 0870 850 6506 and the officer concerned there is Ralph Boddington on 0113 213 4719