Census statistics on East Keswick revealed

The Office for National Statistics has recently revealed information form the 2011 census which makes interesting reading on the composition of the village.

There are deemed to 1468 people in the village, 704 male and 764 female and the number of people per hectare is 1.5 compared to 13.6 for Leeds. Over a third are aged 45-64. 17% are under 15, 9% 16-24, 19% 25-44, and 19% 65 and over.

Nearly half are couples without children at home, 25% are families with children and 23% are one person households.

48% of homes are detached, 37% semi-detached, 9% terraced and 6% flats or apartments.

54% describe their health as very good compared to a national average of 47%. There are fewer people in poor or bad health.

A third of people are working full time, 16% part time, 14% self-employed, 3% students and 2% unemployed.

With regard to oocupations, 18.5% are managers, directors and senior officials (the figure is 9.5% for Leeds and 10.9% for England. 30.3% are in professional occupations (compared to 18.5% for Leeds and 17.5% for England)

42% of our adults are educated to degree level, less than 16% have no formal qualifications. We have half the Leeds percentage of people receiving working benefit or jobseekers’ allowance