People pressure needed to get Superfast Broadband (24MB) in EK

There are plans to improve broadband speed in outlying parts of Leeds provided people demand it. Addressing the Town and Parish Council Forum at Scarcroft on January 24th, Tom Holvey, Economic Policy Manager for Leeds City Council explained about the Rural Broadband Fund. Central government has put £4.4 million behind this for West Yorkshire and Leeds City Council will match this at local level. The money would support BT OpenReach (the body which runs the telephone exchanges, infrastructure and phone lines regardless of who you pay for Broadband) to provide 24Mb Superfast broadband to many outlying parts of Leeds.

Despite this investment, the money will not cover every area and therefore only those areas which ask, will get. East Keswick has suffered a poor broadband service due to its distance from an exchange which hasnt been updated since it was the first in the UK to go digital over 30 years ago.

There will be a website launched soon where you can state your opinion. Details and a link will be provided here. In the meantime, you can already lobby Open Reach and villagers are urged to do this too. Their website form is at