Wind Turbine threat to Wharfe Valley

Proposals to build two giant wind turbines across the river from East Keswick have been objected to by East Keswick Parish Council and a villager is urging individuals to do likewise.

Two planning applications are before Harrogate Council and concern wind turbines for Paddock House Farm and a second in Kearby.

It’s claimed the one in Sicklinghall could be 15 storeys high.

East Keswick villager Ian Sampson said ‘I absolutely despise wind turbines on a variety of grounds: the utter inadequacy of the power that they generate, the fact that shale gas will give us low carbon energy self-sufficiency for generations without the need to fleece the tax payer, the fact that they line the pockets of wealthy landowners whilst harming ordinary people by driving up energy bills due to the large sums that the government is extracting from energy companies to finance renewable schemes’.

To object to the Wharfe Valley turbines email