Parish Councillor resigns – new Parish Councillor sought

Jake Fowler, one of the seven Parish Councillors serving East Keswick has resigned due to pressure of work commitments. Jake, from Church Drive, works for the BBC and his role currently involves extensive travel between regional studios. He expects demands on his time to increase over the next year, affecting attendance at Parish Council meetings and reluctantly felt he had to resign.

At the November Parish Council meeting, Chairman John Priestley paid a warm tribute to Jake and to his contribution to the village. Other councillors echoed his sentiments and hoped Jake might be persuaded to rejoin the Parish Council at some stage in the future.

The resignation leaves a gap in the seven member council. With elections still two years away, the existing Parish Council has the authority to ‘co-opt’ (appoint) a replacement.

Duties are not onerous and include attendance at monthly meetings and some individual or collective activity outside of these. Traditionally members are non-political and unpaid. Despite the title, the council has no church connection, the word ‘Parish’ being used to denote the area of responsibility which is the parish boundary.

East Keswick Parish Council exists to protect and improve the well being of the village and its inhabitants. Its views on a wide range of issues are sought by Leeds City Council.

For further details of the role please contact the Parish Clerk or any councillor. To apply, please email