Wildlife Trust campaign to buy Elliker Fields

East Keswick Wildlife Trust has launched a campaign to buy a strategically important field in the village and save it from the threat of development.


The field is next to other fields already managed by the Wildlife Trust and would then form a new reserve to be known as Elliker Fields for all the community to enjoy. To make this a reality, the Trust needs to raise £25,000 by the end of October. The intention is to prevent the land form being developed, create a wildlife corridor connecting other areas under the management of EKWT, conserve a rich and varied landscape for future generations and provide a locally convenient area for community based outdoor activities.


To donate, please send a cheque made payable to East Keswick Wildlife Trust, Greenfields, Whitegate, East Keswick LS17 9HB For more information email fundraising@ekwt.org.uk, see www.ekwt.org.uk or call 574140