Wike Lane route to stay at present speed limits

Plans to impose 30 and 40mph speed limits on all rural roads between Leeds Ring Road and Collingham have been successfully opposed by East Keswick Parish Council.

Under the proposals, all roads in the area which are currently subject to national limits would have had 30 or 40 limits requiring the erection of repeater signs every 350 metres.

There were concerns that this would lead to the urbanisation of our rural landscape and that villages would start to blend into each other and the ciity. Some residents had voiced concerns that lower limits were unwarranted and unnecessary and would lead to speeding fines for drivers travelling safely on rural roads. Others were concerned that lower limits made it easier for planners to get permission for development on the edges and between villages.

Leeds City Council received a significant number of objections to their plans by residents in East Keswick as well as the objection of East Keswick Parish Council and a meeting was proposed to establish a compromise acceptable to East Keswick and other objectors. Councillors Priestley, Batty and Fowler attended on behalf of EKPC.

It has now been agreed that the route between East Keswick and Slaid Hill will remain derestricted as at present, except that the 40mph limit through Wike would be reduced to 30mph and extended a few hundred metres at the Leeds end. Roads linking the village with the A659 would stay destricted too. Rural roads around Bardsey would have lower limits and repeater signs in line with that Parish Council’s wishes.

In addition, Leeds are to consider the state of the road surface on the Wike Lane route. EKPC and others had pointed out that crumbling road edges were making motorists veer away from the edges to find an acceptable surface.