Where to see the Olympic Torch on Tues 19 June

The Olympic Torch Relay will be coming to Boston Spa, Wetherby, and Harewood on Tuesday 19th June. If you’d like to see the torch relay you’re advised to pick a spot away from where schools are likely to line the route and be in place 30-45 minutes ahead of the timetabled point. Allow time for traffic congestion!

Boston Spa

The torch arrives in Boston Spa at 11:13am, there are four torch bearers carrying the torch down the High Street (A659) from the junction of Ashfield Paddock, to the junction with Clifford Moor Road.

As the school students will all be at the Western end of Main Street, it would help if other people watching the torch could line Main Street from where it enters Boston Spa, down to where the shops are. Having said that, there are no barriers or cordoned off areas, so people can stand where they choose.

If you are planning to attend to line the route it is worth bearing in mind that the popularity of the Torch to date has meant that we’ve had some reports of members of the public turning up 2 hours ahead of the relay.

The torch goes back into convoy mode at the junction of Main Street and Clifford Moor Road and is taken to Wetherby.


The torch starts in torch bearer mode at the junction of Privas Way/Rowland Marywick Road at 11:37am.

Five torch bearers will carry it through Wetherby down York Road (junction of Privas Way) to North Street and High Street to the Wetherby Road roundabout.

School students will all be positioned on York Road (A681) and North Street (A661), as far down as Morrisons car park entrance. So people wanting to watch the torch would be best lining the route on High Street where the shops are or further down as far as the police station. (This route includes the bridge over the river – we don’t want anyone falling in!).

The torch then goes back into convoy mode and will travel through Collingham to Harewood. It will not be possible to see the torch relay in Collingham.


The torch will arrive in Harewood at 12:02pm, at the entrance to Harewood Village on Harewood Avenue, where 3 torch bearers will carry it into Harewood House for the lunch stop.

The public will be able to see the torch on Harewood Avenue, and in the first part of the Harewood House grounds (cricket field area) through the outer archway. There will then be a private event for local schools to be held in Events area (in front of the house) as the official Lunchtime Stop activity;

Library Service

On the morning of the Olympic Torch visiting, the library shark and librarian companion will start his journey by reading to local children in Boston Spa Library.

The library is being opened for the occasion and local children will be invited in to listen to stories like the Gingerbread Man, Shark in the Park and will meet the shark before he sets off on his journey to Wetherby Library (by car).