East Keswick is a low crime area – Police

East Keswick is a low crime area according to the area’s top policeman. Addressing the annual Parish Assembly, Inspector Paul Dwyer said the village was a low crime – but not a not crime – area. He said no area was a no-crime area, but with less than two incidents a month and some months with zero, East Keswick was one of the most crime-free areas of the West Yorkshire force area.

Over the past year the village and its surroundings had seen a number of thefts, a few burglaries and a number of minor offences. Four arrests had been made in connection with the offences.

He urged villagers to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities. At the moment the wider West Yorkshire area was seeing a spate of metal thefts of items such as drainage covers and the Police would appreciate the report of any suspicious activity.

One villager asked if the Police would follow up and prosecute dog owners who didn’t clear up after their pet and was told that mobile phone evidence would be passed on to the relevant department within Leeds City Council which would prosecute.